Saturday, January 30, 2010

Wrap Pod Tutorial

Here! Looks so comfy, like a wrap, but quick and easy for back carries, like a pod.  Love the concept!


Sew She Sews has a very cute one pattern to make a podaegi here, and Jan Andrea has one here

What is a podaegi, or podeagi (or a "pod" for short)? It is a traditional Asian carrier that is similar to a mei tai.

I found this one by upfulcreations on Etsy...
And here is a YouTube video of a back carry with one...

And here is a front carry, although I have to note that she ties the straps in a bow, I would much prefer a square knot for safety.


Printable wearing directions here.

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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Snuggly Newborn Carrier...

I love the Moby Wrap! We were given one when my youngest was about four months, and it quickly became the favorite carrier.  Now that she is 9 months, we prefer the mei tai so we can do back carries, but next time we have a newborn in the house I know that the wrap is going to get a lot of use.  The moby is soft, amazingly comfortable for mama and bebe, and although it does take a bit of getting on it really is totally worth it.
Moby Wrap Original 100% Cotton Solid Baby Carrier, BlackMoby Wrap Baby Carrier - IndigoMoby Wrap Organic Cotton Baby Carrier, EggplantMoby Wrap Baby Carrier-Seasonal (Slate)Moby Wrap Baby Carrier- Olive
black, indigo, eggplant, slate, olive...
Moby Wrap Original 100% Cotton Solid Baby Carrier, SiennaMoby Wrap Baby Carrier- PinkMoby Wrap Baby Carrier-TurquoiseMoby Wrap Original 100% Cotton Prints Baby Carrier, Daisies
sienna, pink, turquoise, daisies...
Moby Wrap Baby Carrier-BlackSleepy Wrap Baby Wrap Carrier -GrayMoby Wrap Baby Carrier-Designs (Owl)Moby Wrap Baby Carrier - Natural
black with toddler, grey with daddy, owl design, natural... so pretty!

and as you can see from all these pictures, this is a very versatile carrier!

Babywearing Safety

If you're on Facebook, go become a fan of Babywearing Safety!  They're doing a great job of posting photos of correct and incorrect positioning, and other wonderful safety tips.  One of the best things they're doing is raising awareness of the dangers of "bag style" slings.  Here is a bit from them on that:
Any bag style carrier that resembles a duffel bag, with a flat bottom and two sides that slant upwards towards an elasticized or padded top, is inherently unsafe and should never be used for a newborn or small baby. 
1) The bag carrier forces baby into a prone, C-shape position, tucking baby's chin to chest and potentially impeding breathing.
2) Even if a mesh panel is present, the baby's head being enclosed in fabric may cause baby to rebreathe her exhalations that are high in carbon dioxide. 
3) It is difficult if not impossible for parents to view their babies' faces at all times and monitor breathing. 
4) Babies may roll towards the side of the carrier and end up with their faces pressed into fabric, obstructing breathing.

 Very important info to get out, since the bag style slings are VERY common and easy to find at major retailers.  I wish the Maya Wrap and BabyHawk were as easy to find instead!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

On My Wishlist...

A Ride on Mother's Back: A Day of Baby Carrying around the World
How fun is this!  Babywearing around the world, in a children's book!  I think we may need this as a birthday gift in a few months...

Tummy 2 Tummy The Babywearing Instructional DVD
I would LOVE to have this to loan out to people... as well as to learn some other carries myself.  Some of this is available on YouTube, and it is great.

This looks fascinating too! :)

And while I'm dreaming... isn't this beautiful!?
Ellaroo Mei Tai Osaka Baby Carrier

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Enter to Win an ERGObaby carrier!

Go to Ruminations of a Twenty-Something Mama and enter to win an Ergo carrier.  I have never used an Ergo, but I have heard many, many, many babywearing mamas say that it is a favorite carrier.  It looks very comfy for mama and baby!

Friday, January 15, 2010

Baby Cuddles!

Leigh at Marvelous Kiddo has a beautiful post here full of baby photos, including this one that I sent her.  Thanks for including us, Leigh!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Mrs. Peterson, babywearing back in 1963!

Love this!

"Why are you so interested in baby toting?" asks host Anna Cameron in this 1963 clip from CBC-TV's Telescope. Her guest, Mrs. Peterson, has a simple answer: she was looking for a way to keep her babies close to her while still having her hands free to do the housework. She began to research baby carriers around the world, and found a variety of innovative contraptions. She also found an added benefit to carrying your baby this way ? the motion puts the little one to sleep!

Watch it here.  Very fun to see babywearing being explained as the reasonable solution to having a baby and getting things done! :)