Sunday, February 7, 2010

Bjorn? Ergo? Beco?

Here is a good page addressing the problems with the Baby Bjorn as compared to the Ergo. While the BabyBjorn has the status factor and name recognition, it isn't as comfortable for the parent or the baby.
  • It doesn't allow for a back carry (unlike the Beco and Ergo)
  • it dangles the baby from their crotch instead of spreading out their weight across their bottoms
  • it doesn't split the weight on you between the back and shoulders
  • it only goes up to22 lbs.
 This site has a glowing review of the ERGO from a former BabyBjorn user, in a piece entitled "7 Things to Look for When Buying a Baby Carrier or Baby Sling":
"And by the time she was 16 lbs. I found that carrying her in the Baby Bjorn was causing pain in my shoulders and upper back and even a tingling sensation in my neck. I now realize that a truly comfortable carrier, like The ERGO Baby Carrier I now use, has two padded shoulder straps and a padded waist/hip belt. This configuration distributes the baby's weight in a way that our bodies can handle it. When you think about it, it is not unlike what a hiker would look for in a good back pack."
 And this article notes,
Any carrier that positions your baby upright with most of the support located in the crotch could cause spondylolisthesis. Putting so much stress on the spine can hinder proper spinal development.
 If I were in the market for a structured carrier, I'd definitely go with either the Beco or the Ergo.

(I am not affiliated with either Beco or Ergo in any way. Opinions expressed are my own.)


Catherine Anne said...

So happy I found your blog!!!

natalie said...

I'm glad you're enjoying it! Feel free to chime in wherever with thoughts, questions, advice... I see from your blog that you're a babywearer already. Your sling is beautiful!:)

Leigh said...

ooh, thanks for pointing me towards that helpful article!

natalie said...

You're welcome, Leigh! Glad you found it useful. :)

The Accidental Pharmacist said...

Oh, be-still my heart. A babywearing website! I was thinking about writing up a post about the bjorn vs the beco or ergo but I may just send this one around to bjorn friends instead.

natalie said...

Thanks so much! I'm glad you like it. :) Feel free to send it around... and to chime in wherever with thoughts on what other posts might be helpful!

Bobbi Janay @When did I go from a kid to a grown up? said...

I love love my ergo. I never wanted a Bjorn they just look so uncomfortable.

Bobbi Janay @When did I go from a kid to a grown up? said...

I forgot to subscribe to comments hence this comment.

Stephanie said...

Hear, hear for the Ergo Baby carrier! We've had one since my son was 3 weeks old, after a brief trial with a hand-me-down Bjorn that made me ache after 10 minutes. My son (now 18 months) still loves it, front or back, and both Mama and Daddy do too! (And aunts and cousins too - we all carry him in it.)

natalie said...

Bobbi- I agree, the Bjorn just looks uncomfortable! For both mama and bebe. Glad you love your Ergo!

Stephanie- Good to hear your experience with both the Bjorn and Ergo! And I *love* that your extended family babywears your kiddo too...sometimes my babies are worn by aunts, and I love it... :)

Rebecca said...

That last article it says, "Insisting on Upright
# If you insist the baby must sit upright and see the world around him, choose a carrier that allows your baby to sit cross-legged. Allowing legs to hang freely signals an unsafe carrier. "

Is he just talking about the slings that carry the baby from the crotch? Are Mei Tais ok still, where the legs dangle with bent knees, but they are seated on their bum properly?

natalie said...

Rebecca- I think that article is unclear there. I *think* he is referring to carriers like the Bjorn, which dangle baby's legs from the crotch.

If he said, "carriers that allow your baby's legs to dangle from their hips are bad", then I would agree. But in a mei tai, wrap, Ergo, Beco, etc, the legs are generally swinging free from the knee joints, but the whole bottom and hips are supported by the carrier. I don't think that is a problem at all. I saw a new carrier design recently that had little "stirrups" for the baby's legs... I don't think that is needed.