Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Wrap Roundup

Yesterday evening, I raced out of the house, running a bit late for a mom's meeting.  I had been behind all day, the toddler had mysteriously not napped at all, and I had a severe case of cabin fever (this snow!), so I knew I had to get out but wasn't doing a good job of mobilizing self and baby (toddler stayed home with daddy.)

So I forgot my sling.  And didn't even have my #2 choice, my mei tai.  And we had ONE egg in the fridge at home, so not popping in the store after the meeting wasn't an option.  But it was bedtime, and I had a snuggly little baby who needed some cuddle time.

So, what's a girl to do?  Thankfully, I have an "emergency" carrier stashed in the outer pocket of my diaper bag!  This little number  saved the day!

I even had a chance to talk about wraps with a new dad... so if you or the new mama are reading, congratulations!  And this post is for you. :)

I mentioned that I made this carrier, and here are some simple directions on how to make a wrap.  Since your baby is a new arrival, you probably want a stretchy wrap, like the moby wrap - we love ours!

Moby Wrap Baby Carrier-PACIFIC-Limited Edition ColorYou can purchase one from Amazon, or you can make one easily yourself, which is appealing because you're going to spend almost $40 to purchase one, but they're  easy to make.  Here are some simple instructions to make a no sew, inexpensive wrap for baby.

Ok, so now you know how to buy or make one... but how do you use this long, long piece of fabric?  If you purchase the Moby Wrap, it does come with a helpful instruction manual, but here is a helpful youtube video (and there are lots of others) showing how to put it on and how to do a few basic carries.

(I will say, for the record, that I'm not a huge fan of the facing outward position, although sometimes my older baby, like around 6 months, really wanted to see the world and I would use it.  It just doesn't look the most comfortable for baby or best for their spine- looks too reminiscent of the Baby Bjorn type carrier to me.  You can read my post on Bjorn? Ergo? Beco? for more info on the problems with Bjorn type carriers.)

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