Wednesday, April 7, 2010

State of the Stash, April 2010

2 DIY mei tais (& 1 out on loan)
1 DIY podaegi (& 1 out on loan)
2 DIY wraps
1 Moby D stretchy wrap
1 creamy patterned Maya Wrap- style ring sling (& 1 black one missing... last time it went MIA it was behind the couch, so not worried yet.

Soooo... 10.

How many carriers are in your stash at the moment? 

Do you ever loan yours out?  I love loaning mine out and seeing if I can get someone hooked on babywearing!  :)


Beth said...

great stash! I like to loan mine, but if I am close to someone truly in need, I generally just make them one... :)
I love your new avatar!

natalie said...

Aw, how sweet! That sounds like you, Beth... :) I've found my circle to be more willing to accept a loan than a gift, but I'm planning on the pod I have loaned out staying with that mama if she wants it since she likes it a lot. :)

And thanks! :)

My Little Family said...

3 Mei Tais (1 out on Loan)
2 Pouch (my favorite one is missing I'm hoping to find it :(, but I have fabric to make a reversible one this time!)
3 ring slings
One wrap (stretchy but I want a woven :))
all but the wrap I have made!

I'm would like to know more about/see pictures of you podaegi

natalie said...

Hi Amy! Wow, your stash sounds a lot like mine! :)

I have a post here about my podaegi... it doesn't have a really great picture, sorry -

Of the two I made, I think I like the one that is similar to this one better: