Friday, May 21, 2010

Helpful Videos for Infant Ring Sling Positioning

I don't think it really matters if you froggy the legs, or cross them, as long as you and baby are comfortable.  I usually prefer to cross them, because it seems easier to hold feet together gently in one hand as I slide baby down from the burping position into the sling. 

Love our ring sling!

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Janel said...

We're still getting to the point of loving our ring sling. :) I'm still trying to get comfortable wearing it and attempting to do housework. It's not *quite* like being pregnant!

natalie said...

It is a learning curve. Every carrier has one! :) You're already way ahead of where I was with my first baby!

If you're not comfortable, the first thing to check is that the sling is spread out well across your back and over your shoulder. The second thing to check is that the rings are about where a corsage would be. And the third thing I'd look at would be whether she is high enough.

I will say that I don't like doing dishes, laundry, etc, with a baby on my front. It is like being pregnant in that you can't reach things very well, but it isn't in that you have to be careful not to bump the baby! But in 3 or 4 short months you'll be able to do a hip carry, or a back carry in a different carrier. That makes it a lot easier. :)