Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Thoughts on Stashes

Some babywearers have one favorite carrier.  Others have several that they love.  Others, myself included, have specific carriers that we love for specific seasons or purposes.  I think of it like a box of art supplies... sometimes, a paintbrush is perfect, other times, you need a charcoal pencil.  It all depends on the situation - baby's size, the wearer's size, the length of wearing, the weather, etc.

Moby Wrap Baby Carrier-Seasonal (Slate)For example, for that snuggly, wear-all-day, lightweight little newborn, I absolutely love my Moby Wrap*.  It is comfortable, you can pop baby in and out for diaper changes, it is soft and snuggly, and it doesn't matter that it takes some tying because you're not taking it on and off a lot, it's staying on for a while.

But for a chunky 2 year old?  Well, I could use it, but I wouldn't unless I had no other choice.  Having that much weight on my front makes me feel like I'm going to topple over, for one.  I know that some think that a stretchy wrap is safe for back carries- I'm sorry, but I cannot agree with that, and here's my post detailing why.   For two, I feel that the Moby is just much more comfortable with a smaller baby, for me, that translates into under one.  But for those first months, I think it is totally worth it's weight in gold, and the perfect carrier... for that time.

Later, I like a ring sling or pouch for errands (pop on, pop off!) and a ring sling for church (discrete nursing, comfy naps), and a mei tai or podaegi for walks, housework, yardwork, the county fair, etc.

Some carriers can "do it all"... but I would venture to guess that every carrier is ideal for a certain circumstance, and acceptable for others.

What do you think?

Do you have a 'one true love' carrier, or are you like me, unable to narrow it down?

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theadventuresoflactatinggirl.com said...

For a long time my "one true love" carrier was my Sleepy Wrap, but now that Peanut is 14 months old and over 20 lbs, the Sleepy Wrap gets kind of awkward.

I had a ring sling, but I gave it to a friend thinking it wasn't for me. I think it'll be great now that Peanut is older so I'm going to make another.

I like my Mei Tei when someone else is with me to help adjust Peanut on my back, but I can't figure out how to do it myself. I'm hoping to get a Boba Carrier soon and hopefully I'll be able to do that one by myself.

So to answer the original question, I agree different carriers for different reasons. :-P

Brooke said...

I LOVED my pouch sling when DD was a newborn. It was tight around her and I could see her face. It just worked for us. Then, I got a mei tei. I loved that thing. The girl who sold it to me still laughs at how much I loved it! I thought it was just easier for me and for DD. I could never figure out how to get comfy in my ring sling.

I'm just glad there are lots of options for us baby-wearing mamas!

natalie said...

Lactating Girl- You should definitely give the ring sling another try! I love mine for that weight/age. Also, I definitely feel that figuring out the back carry (with whatever carrier) is so important to continuing babywearing! After they get heavier (and bigger) having them on the back is just so much more appealing! Let me know how you like the Boba if you get it. I LOVE my mei tais, although there is definitely a learning curve with the back carry at first.

Brooke - I totally agree! It is great to have options! :) I love trying new carriers... and so far each one I like for a different niche!

My Little Family said...

I feel Exactly the same as you, there is a time and a place for each! They all work great but I would not want to give up any of mine!

natalie said...

I agree, Amy! Sometimes people seem to be surprised that I have another kind of carrier... but really they each fill a niche, and like you, I wouldn't want to give up a single one!

Well, except for the heavily padded, not adjustable enough ring sling that I started out with... but I already disassembled it and used the rings for a good ring sling, so I don't count it as part of my stash anymore... :)