Thursday, July 15, 2010

Nathan Update

If a picture is worth a thousand words, a video is worth many many more, right? Here is Nathan this afternoon.  Off dialysis (for today and tonight... praying that his levels will have continued to improve by tomorrow so that we can stay off altogether!), unhooked from all the wires (for at least part of the day) and able to get up and play!  He is a bit wobbly and needs close attention (he thinks he can do everything, but he's still a bit weak and his balance is a bit off.  Anyway... here is some amazing Nathan cuteness.  Thank you so so so much for your prayers.

We are hopeful that if he continues to improve at this rate that we may be able to go home soon.

Please pray that...

  • his blood pressure would stay within the normal range so we can stop the blood pressure medication
  • his body would be able to heal itself from this point, and his kidneys would be able to handle things from here on out without the help of dialysis.
  • that his anemia would go away without another transfusion (we've had 4 so far)
  • that there would be no long term damage to his kidneys or his health
  • that we would be able to go home soon!
  • that we would be able to find a good doctor to have follow up/monitoring visits with, and that we would be able to establish a good relationship with them.
Thank you so much!



The Accidental Pharmacist said...

Wow. I missed the last post - I hope Nathan's doing much better and that you'll be able to go home soon. Nothing beats your own bed and your own food and your own shower and having your babies in your own home. You'll be in my thoughts this week. Hang in there Mama.

natalie said...

Thank you very much! We are home and Nathan is doing great.

We're still working on finding a good doctor for follow up care, however, as the one they referred us to doesn't seem to be the best fit for us.