About Me

I am a Christian, wife, mama, and homemaker. I spend my days kissing chubby cheeks, , nursing, processing laundry, and squeezing in taking pictures, decorating, and blogging when I have time (or don't!)

I love babywearing.  I have been babywearing for four years, and it was a huge help in making my life with two under two easier, and now, having three under five.  I love the convenience of following my toddler with a sleeping or nursing baby in my stretchy wrap, or on my back in a wrap or Beco.  And when my toddler needs some snuggles, I love popping her on my back and continuing to work on the endless laundry while filling her need for some time with mama.  I love to research and am fascinated with all the different carriers that have been used through history and are now available to us.  Feel free to ask me if you're wondering what carrier might be right for you - my contact info is below.

I am on twitter, @olivesprouts - you can get in touch with me on twitter, or you can email me at babywearingitup(at)gmail(dot)com.  Of course, you can always talk to me in the comments on posts as well!   I am a busy mama but try to respond to comments, directs on twitter, and emails... but please be patient if it isn't right away!

I am open to hosting baby, kid, babywearing, ecofriendly/green, or parenting related giveaways, either here at Babywearing it Up! or on my main blog, Olive Sprouts, but only for products that I would or have used.  If you'd like to discuss having me do a giveaway for you, please feel free to email me!