Carrier Recommendations

Moby Wrap Baby Carrier- Olive

I love the Moby Wrap for small babies (under 20 lbs/7 months).  Once they outgrow that, I like my  woven wrap, mei tai, and Beco.

I made my mei tais but here are two that friends of mine like... personally I consider the Babyhawk to have a better reputation in the babywearing community than the Infantino, however, the Infantino is definitely more affordable and the one I saw briefly in person looked great.

As far as structured carriers go, I do NOT recommend the Baby Bjorn or similar that dangle a baby from it's crotch.  I feel that hip support is very important for baby's comfort and development.  Better choices include:

I am very happy with the used Beco that I have and find myself grabbing it more and more often.  It is great for a fast back carry in a parking lot, and is very comfortable with my 14 month old.  The waist strap is comfortable and lands at the exact right spot to camouflage muffin top,

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