What is Babywearing?

Babywearing is the practice of carrying your baby or child in a carrier, put very simply.

"There's nothing in the world that compares to having your baby in your arms - the feeling of a sleeping child against your chest, the sweet-smelling, down-covered head under your nose. In the early days with a newborn, mothers have time to enjoy these moments. Then reality sets in.
Baby is still dependent on you for nourishment, care, and comfort but everyday tasks and errands demand your attention. And you may have other children who need you. Life goes on, and there is always too much to do. But busy mothers do not have to give up the bliss of keeping baby close. They can accomplish those tasks that need to be done and still enjoy their baby’s companionship by "wearing" the baby in a carrier. According to Dr. William and Martha Sears, "Baby wearing does good things for babies, and it makes life easier for mothers."
~ from this page from LLLI ~  a great look at lots of different benefits of babywearing.