Saturday, January 30, 2010


Sew She Sews has a very cute one pattern to make a podaegi here, and Jan Andrea has one here

What is a podaegi, or podeagi (or a "pod" for short)? It is a traditional Asian carrier that is similar to a mei tai.

I found this one by upfulcreations on Etsy...
And here is a YouTube video of a back carry with one...

And here is a front carry, although I have to note that she ties the straps in a bow, I would much prefer a square knot for safety.


Printable wearing directions here.

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Leigh said...

i've never tried a podaegi, but i'd love to make one! thanks for the info :)

natalie said...

You're welcome!

I made one, but felt that the decorator fabric I used for the blanket part was too stiff. Also, I think the narrow body design was harder to get secure... I am very comfortable doing a back carry with my mei tai, but it was a hassle getting the pod spread out correctly when the body was so small. I'm in the process of making a second one, with a much wider body... not a totally wide one like the Jan Andrea/Sleeping Baby Productions pod, but definitely wider than the one from Etsy pictured in the post.

Hope that is helpful! :)