Wednesday, October 27, 2010

If you're a beginner...

here are some tips from experienced babywearers that may be helpful...

I said... "working on post for beginners on ... what tips would you give someone just starting out?"

emilye:  If you can't figure a carrier out, don't just give up & throw in the towel. Seek help from a babywearing group!
ReTweetAdd to FavoritesUser Controlstristina_wright:  Walk and bounce immediately. Don't stand there admiring yourself in the mirror. Baby will get fussy.
ReTweetAdd to FavoritesUser Controlstea4tamara:  Sometimes babies fuss at first. Practice when they aren't hungry or tired. Once baby is in the carrier, get moving! :)

ReTweetAdd to FavoritesUser ControlsKt_Ri: experiment without a baby first, use a mirror & relax so the baby can too :)

ReTweetAdd to FavoritesUser ControlsJoyfulAbode: if possible find a #babywearing "mentor" locally. If not, YouTube vids are your friend. Also if they don't like one style it doesn't mean they don't like #babywearing. They should try other styles of carriers before giving up on it.

  posielove Don't give up just bc baby fusses in beginning. It's new and takes practice!
ReTweetAdd to FavoritesUser ControlsSoleilSelene:  don't get a Bjorn! =)  
ReTweetAdd to FavoritesUser ControlsAVPH: don't give up. If one carrier doesn't work then try try again! 

ReTweetAdd to FavoritesUser Controlshollinsgirl7:  Watch YouTube videos or hook up with a group. Seeing it done makes it easier to do and then practice, practice, practice. 
ReTweetAdd to FavoritesUser ControlsMamanADroit:  glossary! I didn't really know anyone who use baby carriers & didn't know lingo at all-like what's an SSC? or front vs back vs hip carries, or mei teis vs woven wraps. It can be confusing for newbies!
ReTweetAdd to FavoritesUser Controlsmomnonymous:  Your baby may fuss the first time or two, but patting his butt through the carrier will help him relax!

ReTweetAdd to FavoritesUser Controlskykaree:  seek help, find slingmeets or a babywearing mum, don't just buy something on the internet and struggle alone
ReTweetAdd to FavoritesUser Controlssheaisawesome:  ignore all the haters and weird looks. It's what's best for your baby and that's all that matters

ReTweetAdd to FavoritesUser Controlssmola04:  practice carries on your bed so if baby falls, it's not a crisis. :)
ReTweetAdd to FavoritesUser Controlsjenboss: That it takes practice. Follow your instincts. Also, it is so helpful for those fussy times when nothing else works. Also. It pays off for when they are mobile. Keeps them safe and near.
ReTweetAdd to FavoritesUser Controlslakeline: Try lots of different things, I hated pouches/slings but loved wraps.

ReTweetAdd to FavoritesUser ControlsTheSaisquoi:  Be Brave! Don't think it isn't working if the baby cries immediately- #babywearing takes practice for both Mamas & Babes!
ReTweetAdd to FavoritesUser Controlssoozenw:  Take it slow, try different carriers, and have a spotter in the beginning!
ReTweetAdd to FavoritesUser ControlsSummerLoveMommy:  not to give up, it takes a little practice for both you and baby! And it's okay to re-wrap a few times until your comfy
AzureSkyyes get someone with experience to help you. Start young. Start with small amounts of time. Start with a content baby!
ReTweetAdd to FavoritesUser ControlsMomtoperfection:  Don't give up if they don't like it. And try as many types of carriers as you can!

What tips would you add for beginning babywearers?  Or what problems did you have starting out?


Anonymous said...

I practiced with a teddy bear when I was pregnant, just so I could learn how to tie my wrap. Obviously using a real baby is a little harder but it helped me learn how tight to tie my wrap.

Anonymous said...

also youtube was my best friend. I didn't have any other moms around that could teach me.

natalie said...

Practicing with a teddy bear is a great idea! I've practiced newborn back carries with a baby doll, hoping to get that skill set figured out for this next baby! :) And YouTube is amazing, particularly if you find a good channel... I like the SakuraBloom folks for ring sling videos, but I know there are lots of good ones! :)