Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Babywearing in Botswana

Elita shared this wonderful photo from National Geographic, and points out

"With water this high, babywearing is essential for a sleepy toddler!"

Love it!  What does that look like to you, a mei tai with a tibetan tie? Have you ever needed to babywear in an emergency situation?

I think the closest I can get to that is having to get loose livestock back in, and jogging around in mud boots trying to get our cows contained (and out of the road!) while nursing.  That is something you can't do with a stroller, just FYI. ;)



Jami said...

That's a great photo! It looks mei tai (ish) but I don't think it's tied Tibetan because I don't see the strap under her arms at all.

I've never had emergency babywearing (BTW there was a great class on just that at the conference!), or babywearing in a situation I would consider abnormal...does playing my bass guitar in the band while babywearing count? I still need to post a pic of that somewhere. lol

Sarah Beth said...

Does fixing my husband's hair cut count as an emergency? He buzzed his hair himself while baby and I were out of the house, but needed me to touch up the edges when we returned. Miss V had to ride on my back while I evened out hubby's hair.

Beth said...

The most "Extreme" babywearing I've done was to mow the lawn and weed-eat a wall while my oldest was tiny and in the sling. I had a neighbor lady give me dirty looks for that, like "Why won't you just let your husband do that!?"
Well, he was working...
Jami, We'd love to see the Rockin' babywearing! :)

natalie said...

Jami - you're right. I wonder if the bottom straps are coming up and tying to the top straps...hmmm... the photographer should've asked! ;) You definitely need to post that pic! :)

Sarah Beth - lol! I've never cut hair while babywearing. Nice! :)

Beth - Wow! I have mowed the lawn as well, with a push mower and a baby on my back... it is quite the workout! You should TOTALLY join this facebook group, in that case...!/group.php?gid=121100311265157