Saturday, May 29, 2010

State of the Stash, May 2010

2 DIY mei tais (& 1 out on loan)
1 DIY podaegi (& 1 out on loan) (about the podaegi)
2 DIY wraps
1 Moby D stretchy wrap
1 creamy patterned Maya Wrap- style ring sling (pattern)
1 black ring sling with silver metal rings, Sleeping Baby Production pattern
1 brown Hugamonkey sling (review upcoming)

Have you acquired any new carriers to add to your stash?  Or do you have your eye on something in particular? :)

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Bobbi Janay @When did I go from a kid to a grown up? said...

I have two out on loan, one of which I want back very badly.

natalie said...

Uh oh! That sounds like a potentially awkward situation... especially if the borrower is using it!

I know one of my mei tais that is out on loan isn't getting any love, which makes me sad... but so far no luck arranging to get together and work out the issues they're having with it. :/

Charity's Blog said...

I have in my stash:
2 Moby wraps (that I found for good deals, both are being loaned out)
1 DIY Mei Tai (that I love for going on long hikes)

I hope to make a linen wrap, that is if things stop breaking.

natalie said...

Hi Charity! That is next on my wish list too... I am thinking linen, or maybe Osnaburg, which I've seen recommended on forums. I just keep hearing how great woven wraps are and I liked my moby enough that I bet I'd love a woven, especially for back carries. If you do make one, I definitely want to hear about how it goes! :)