Monday, February 21, 2011

Back carry, 31 weeks

Pardon my windblown hair and her odd face (I think she wanted us to just get on with our walk and stop taking pictures!), but here I am, 31 weeks with #3, with my almost 2 year old on my back in a podaegi.  I find it most comfortable to tie my mei tais and podaegis above the belly during pregnancy, and was able to continue wearing through most of my last pregnancy.  I did mostly back carries, and as one person pointed out "balanced myself out" with a baby on the front and a baby on the back. ;)

Have you done any babywearing during pregnancy?  What are your favorite carries/carriers/tips for that?


fairymom said...

I did a little with this last pregnancy. I'd wear C on my back in the Ergo. And I totally agree it does help to balance you out! lol

Amiyrah said...

I love it! I never got to "double carry" with the last pregnancy since my boy was already 4. But, if we ever have another, at least I know it can be done lol!

Jan said...

I wore my 2 year old daughter in the ergo until I was about 30 weeks, then my back just hurt too much to do it anymore.

natalie said...

Fairymom- it's weird but it does!

Amiyrah - it can definitely be done! :)

Jan - I definitely have worn less the later I get this pregnancy. My first baby didn't learn to walk until a week before my second was born, so last pregnancy I wore right up to the end. This time I am doing a lot less, and enjoying that she doesn't need worn a lot right now. All the extra pregnancy weight is enough to haul around some days without adding any more!

suzannah {so much shouting, so much laughter} said...

so cute:) i wore my 21 mo on my hip in a ring sling until the very end of pregnancy with #2. didn't bother me until month nine (she was a wisp.)