Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Good Positioning Matters!

I think the number one problem people have with babywearing (besides not having a good carrier to start out with, in many cases!) is not having correct positioning.  That can make even a fantastic carrier uncomfortable for the wearer, and uncomfortable or even unsafe for your little passenger.

Slingbabies has a very comprehensive page on The Importance of Positioning in a Carrier that really covers not just how to position, but why certain positions (and carriers) are not ideal for babies spines.  Here are their top three essential aspects of positioning, but the whole thing is a great read:

  1.  Baby's legs should always be in a frog position, bottom down knees up, straddling you, with legs up at a 90° angle to the spine.  (except for in cradle carries) This is the best, most correct and most desirable position for baby. [later it is noted that "before they are approx  11-12 weeks old, babies' legs are better to be tucked inside the carrier, up underneath them as they would be when you hold them in-arms."]
  2.  Baby should be high and snug in any carrier.
  3.  A good baby carrier will mimic the way you hold baby naturally in your arms.

I know that having these three top tips summarized for me was really helpful, especially thinking through helping new mamas babywear at first!  Wish I'd read this before I started babywearing... it would have made it clear faster that my heavily padded, barely adjustable sling was not a good carrier, and maybe sped me on in getting a really good ring sling, which made a huge difference with my second baby!

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natalie said...

And if course, remember that newborns lack muscle control to open airways, so they need good back support while babywearing so they don’t slump into chin-to-chest position!