Saturday, February 5, 2011


Is it just me, or is there always another carrier that looks really appealing?  Always one more to try? :)

Here are my "wish" carriers right now...

  • I have a green Moby Wrap, but I'd love to have a black one that would be slightly dressier and go with more of my dress clothes.  Of course, a 

  • Woven wrap is also on my wish list, so maybe a black woven would be a better investment.  Hmm.

  • ERGObaby carrier. A very few people have expressed that they don't like this carrier because they're short/have a short torso (and I'm 5' 3", so that does make me wonder if I'd like it), but the overwhelming consensus seems to be that most babywearers love their ERGO.  So I'd like to try one, especially as I've never tried a structured carrier.  

  • Wrap-tie or wrap-pod.  I have mei tais, and podaegis, but frequently after periods of extended wear the straps become uncomfortable on my shoulders.  I've thought about adding padding, but I think I would prefer one with wrap straps as I'm sure that would fix that issue, and combine the ease of a mei tai or podaegi back carry with the comfort and versatility of a wrap.  The Maya Tie looks good, but since I've sewn myself several mei tais I'd probably just make a wrap tie myself since it wouldn't be much different to sew.
What is your stash wish list?  Or is your stash complete?  :)

Edited to add... if the ERGO is on your wishlist, too, here are a couple of current giveaways going on...


beth.babyette said...
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Beth said...

I'm on a slingification binge right now, so I'd really like a few more shorties or pretty wovens with a flaw that I can slingify for myself.

I'd also like a BabyHawk at some point because I like the style, and I like the designer (as a person... I think it's neat when you can "know" the person behind the brand)

I really just think anything new will be fun & special with this new baby coming.

Sarah Beth said...

I am 5'2" and use an ERGO often. I haven't had any problems because of being short, but I guess relative to the rest of me I have a long torso.

Maybe I'm not as much help as I thought I was...

Saisquoi said...

FWIW, I have a fairly short torso and my Ergo is more comfortable than my Beco because it's got a shrorter body. I love it for my 25lb toddler most of the time--as she gets taller, though, I get a bit concerned about her flipping herself out over the back.

We're going to try a Boba, I think, in the next couple of weeks just to see how that feels, but while the taller body might be nice for her, I don't know how it will be for high-waisted me.

Right now, my favorite carrier is an Ocah wrap conversion I got used over at the Babywearer. It's comfortable, gorgeous, and easy to wear. If I covet anything, it's perhaps a toddler-sized wrap conversion, because I like to get C tied in as much as possible anymore when I wear her.

The Mommy Blawger said...

I just bought my second Mei Tai - a Free Hand. I think if money were no object I would want a Toddler Hawk or other longer, slightly more structured carrier, mainly because when DS, almost 18 months, falls asleep on my back, he has no head support.

Would also love a buckle-tai for DH, to replace his favorite Bjorn.

I love my Maya wrap sling but I'd love a sling with a shorter tail and a pattern that is a bit more current, fashion-wise. Maybe Zolowear.

Don't use a wrap much, but I tried a Storchenwiege once and loved it. Something less stretchy.

Also, Seven slings is running another promotion. Use the code "Mothering" or "Idaho" or try the name of your state to get a pouch sling for $14 s&h.

Tristina said...

My wishlist:

Mei Tai
Mesh Water sling from BabyEtte
A dressy black sling for nice occasions
and a Moby for my future newborns

Not a short list...but I love babywearing!

Funky Mama Bird said...

Just got a Boba and for now, we're good. I love, love, love, love, LOVE our Boba - cannot say enough good things about it.

fairymom said...

First my have list- w/my 2 yr old I got an Ultimate Baby Wrap. It's a black strechy one and was very comfortable to wear- until he got too heavy then it'd strech out and it felt like I was wearing him around my knees! lol But I loved it for the newborn/small baby stage (up to about 15 lbs). I also made my own fitted sling- which my husband loved but I didn't so much. I made it out of a jersey material so it too streched too much for my comfort. When my lo was about 6 mths old I bought a used Ergo off CL (craig's list) and we still use it today! I too am "short" (5'4") and it fits me great- I don't think you'll have any problems w/it! At almost 2 we still use it for little man and will continue to use it as long as possible w/him.

So while pregnant w/our newest lo I've recieved a few more baby carriers. I recieved 2 ring slings- a light weight black one and a solar veil in mint. I've always had issues figuring out how to use a ring sling correctly but recently had a babywearing friend show me how to use it w/the newbie. I hope to use both a lot this summer- espically the solar veil since I can use it in the water and it'll dry quickly.

I also recieved a Kozy Karrier Mei tie- this is a new fave! I've never had a mei tie before and it's so easy to use and husband likes it too! I may have to add a pocket to it though. My next new fav is a fitted Native Natural sling- I've been using this the most since lo got here. It's just so easy.

And last my great score- a Maya Wrap ring sling (brand new) I got at a thirft store for less than $5! I haven't actually used it (not a big fan of the pattern) but for that price I couldn't pass it up- even if I just pass it along to another new mama in need of a great baby carrier!

My wish list is complete as of the moment. I could always add more but those would just be based off wanting carriers in different colors! Hmmm a lighter weight mei tie would be nice (the one I have is a canvas material and color). Now I've got to think or maybe just try my hand at making one.....

natalie said...

Beth - oh, I agree! I don't "need" anything, really... but it just seems so fun to try something new with a new baby!

Sarah Beth - thanks for the feedback! That's good to hear. I guess I don't really know if I have a short torso or am just... short! Hmm...

Saisquoi - thanks for chiming in... good to know that it works for you with a short torso. I have a "leaner" too, which is no big deal in my mei tai but has caused some issues with wrap carries if I don't have her wrapped very tightly and arms in to start with!

Mommy Blawger - I know some mei tais have sleep hoods, I've thought about making one for mine but haven't had enough of a need for it since I don't usually end up with a sleepy baby on my back right now. Buckle tais look like a great concept, I just pointed someone in that direction who emailed me complaining her Bjorn was uncomfortable and her mei tai was a hassle with the long straps in parking lots, etc.

I already have a HuggaMonkey pouch sling, so I'm not going to get a Seven Slings... they have cute fabric but I'm not sure how good they are.

Tristina - love your list! I'm not familiar with the AngelPack, I'll have to look into that... :)

Funky Mama Bird - yay! it's so great when a carrier is just perfect. :)

FairyMom - love your stash! Sounds like a great mix of different carriers... perfect for different needs. :) Plus you just reminded me I should be stalking CL... ;)

soozenw said...

I had to get away from looking at carriers! My husband was about to strangle me after I bought both a GMBB and a Storchenweige.

I have a short torso and have found that the Ergo does quite well for us, but I really think that it all depends on your build.

Anymore, I pretty much just use my Hotsling for my 10 month old. It's a comfortable carrier for both of us, and so easy to use when out and about. He'd rather walk most of the time though.

And for those of you looking at the Seven Sling, RUN! They are horrid. I still have the one that I bought and refuse to use it or even pass it along to anyone else, THAT'S how bad it is.

Jan said...

All my slings/wraps/Ergo are functional but not beautiful. My wraps are beige and brown, my slings are red and beige and my Ergo is black and beige. I don't even love beige! So my wish list is a really pretty-fabric Mei Tai, something that stands out against all the boringness of my current collection!

natalie said...

Soozen - thanks so much for chiming in! :)

Jan - I can definitely see that! The first few carriers I had were very functional... I was much happier after I made a pretty mei tai... and my husband just reverses it when he wears it... ;)

Erin OK said...

stash complete, ha!

I'm 5'2" and do find my Ergo could fit a little better, but I still love it and use it all the time.

I've always wanted to try a mei tai, but don't really need one, since I have an Ergo, woven wrap, ring sling and two pouch slings.

I'd also like to try a Beco, just to see if I'd like it better than the Ergo.

natalie said...

Yay, Erin! :) Thanks for the Ergo feedback... sounds like it definitely does work for many shorter mamas too. :)

I have friends with a Beco Butterfly and they love it. It looks really great... definitely some differences from the Ergo, like a higher back...