Thursday, February 25, 2010

Back Wrap Cross Carry

With a snuggly, floppy little newborn, many people prefer to wear their baby on their chest - near the heart and food source, easily kissable and cuddly.  But once your baby gets bigger, a back carry is pretty appealing.

You can be on the go with your happy kiddo, like a backpack!

somebody just woke up & needed some snuggles!

Especially convenient for dishes and other tasks that are right in front of you! :)

This video shows how to do a Back Wrap Cross Carry (or BWCC) with a one month old... I've never done a back carry with that young of a baby, but whenever #3 comes along I plan on investing the time and effort into learning how.  The technique is basically the same with an older baby or toddler, though, just easier because you don't have to worry about head/neck support, and you can use different techniques to get them on your back.  Here are step by step written instructions with photos for the BWCC, with older baby/toddler, with the toss method of putting bebe on your back.

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